Looking for Inventory Report - Based on Cost Center

Is there an inventory report that can filter based on “Cost Centers”?

Hi, Regis,

Not currently. Although you could check Purchasing > Receipts > Receipt List and filter by cost center there. What data are you hoping to find?

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I think that works. It’s based on PO receipts charged to the cost center…

during our audit of this report, we found errors in a closed PO where it was charged to the wrong cost center. I re-opened up the PO and edited the PO cost center, the line item part Cost Center and the ledger cost center …but all 3 of these changes didn’t affect the report shown…

search options selected in Red.
REceipt #'s highlighted in yellow were charged to cost center “8006” but should have been charged to “8009”

is it possible to correct this error such that the summarized “Ext Cost” value is accurate using this report? (btw, screenshot below has the Ext. Cost hidden)

This report is great if you want to know how much was brought in under the cost center…(total qty). It doesn’t provide any insight into the current state of the inventory in this cost center.

Any idea how this could be done under in 4.03.1?

As far as we know, once put into inventory we don’t store cost center data with the parts. It would take some custom development on an existing report to link inventory to cost centers.

Basically, we don’t have a report for that now, but one idea would be to compare the receipt list to the list by bin report. And we can pass along this request for future development, unless you’re looking to pay for more immediate development.

Let us know,

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Another question regarding cost centers. If we purchase a part under one cost center, but we’d like to “transfer” the cost of that part to another cost center, I thought we could do it using a PO to transfer the materials? We tried this using Part RAW000021. PO# 5703.1 (order/AE5703.1/view). Invoice here testing this here: (…/invoice/5552/edit). Note the cost center is 8009. Default Part Cost Center is 8006.

To check, we go the the PO Receipt report you mentioned, and it shows the Cost center for REceipt 6621 as “8006”.

Report link: (/purchaseorderreceipt/list?reloaded=1&prcpart=raw000021&receipt_date_from=2021-01-31&receipt_date_to=2022-02-03&receipt_code=&ponum=&vennum=&packing_slip_number=&vouchered=&internal=&lot_code=&non_inventory=&noninv_receipt=&location=AE&cost_center_id=)

Hi, Regis,

To clarify: Which is the correct cost center? 8006 or 8009?

Also, something to check when placing a PO: Is the PO line cost center correct? A PO Receipt pulls its data from the PO line cost center.

The recommended way to fix an incorrect cost center would be to cancel the receipt, fix the PO header and PO line cost centers and then re-receive the part.

Cetec ERP Support

In inventory, the Part belongs to cost center 8006. We wanted to “transfer” the inventory to a different “cost center” so created a PO with 8009 as the cost center (See screenshot of 5703.1) . but when we look at the PO receipts based on that PO, it still shows cost center 8006…I would have expected it to show 8009…