Marginal Fractions of Pennies on AP Payments

Good day,

There are marginal open AP payments for this one vendor. I can not get them to disappear even when adding them to multiple Payments to clear them out. Please help clean this up: Cetec ERP

This is also happening to our vendor Sacramento Windustrial. Please review. Thank you.

Hey Kris,

I apologize for the delayed response regarding these marginal fractions on AP payments. I wanted to reassure you that we’re still looking into this issue for you and are trying to pinpoint the root causes for these fractional payments. There are a couple things I’ve been trying to replicate and test, but I’ll keep trying to solve this issue and get that information/data to you as quickly as I possibly can.

Again thank you so much for your patience while we get this taken care of for you.

Thank you,
Cetec ERP Support

Hey Kris,

I believe we’ve found those AP Payments that had fractional pennies left on them to take care of! You can find those here: Cetec ERP

All you need to do is navigate to the 3 vouchers in the report above that are showing those fractional $ amounts by clicking their voucher ID’s, scroll down on the edit voucher screen, and click the ‘Pay’ option since they have payments associated to them.

Let me know if that works for you, and thank you for your patience while we worked to get this figured out!

Cetec ERP Support

Thank you. Appears to have completed payment and allowed me to close the voucher.