Material Shortage Visible from Production Order List

I noticed in the work order scheduling window that there is a field that says “Short” with red text if there are not enough components in inventory to complete the part.

Is there currently a way to see this from the production order list? If not, a column you could turn on would be nice to be able to see the material shortage without having to open up the work order.

@abeausoleil The production orders list won’t show it. There’s a ton of data already being shown there, and adding more would create performance issues.

However, you should be able to find that information on the order material report under production > orders > order material report.

Take a look at that, and let us know if you have any other questions about it!

Another place that I have found that shows a shortage is in Warehouse> release to pick (either build or stock).

Make sure that you are sorting correctly.

Example below.

@abeausoleil I have to apologize, turns out there already are short per allocation and short per avail columns available on the production orders list. You may need to ± Columns to show them, but that information is available on the PO list.

I turned on all the columns available in the production order list and I see a “shortage comment” field, but I’m not seeing “Short Per Allocation” or “Short Per Available”. I do see it within the Warehouse > Relase to Pick screen though, which is helpful!

Gosh, I thought I was going crazy, because I definitely saw it there this morning!
Turns out, there’s a checkbox “Show Prod Mgmt?” you have to select in the search fields in order for it to show:

I just tested it in your environment and that brought those columns in to the mix!