Merge Parts in Inventory Locations

I noticed that when we “merge” parts into the same a same bin location, then click the “Pieces” link, Is there a reason the "receipt’ field is populated with the default part? Is there a way to have it not populate by default? Otherwise, we always have to manually delete whatever is in this field to search the entire content of the bin…

for example: for this part (…/part/14/inventory), and this bin:

there are 6 items, but when I click on the “pieces” link, it automatically searches with the “receipt” field populated. When this happens, only a subset of the bin parts are displayed and it requires us to delete the data in the ‘receipt’ field and re-run the search…If it could , by default, display the entire content of the bin on initial search, that would be great…

Also, that being said, notice that all 6 pieces in this bin now take on the same “PO Receipt” and “Lot code” in this report…this is not accurately displaying either…

let me know if this is unclear and needs more explanation.

Hello Regis!

We are currently looking into this issue you have discribed. The reason the reciept code is being populated by default is becuase the data for the fields on the serial list pull from the BIN location’s reciept data. This would be why the reciept field is populated with 650 as the BIN shows being tied to reciept 650.

For us to test out a fix for this would you provide us more details on how your team “Merges” the parts into a single BIN location. As much detail as you can provide on the step by step would greatly help.

This information will help us recreate this for the engineers to get a fix in the works.



Just to follow up here. We have confirmed that any BIN merging will destroy all tracability. The data for the ‘pieces’ link comes directly from that BIN data which shows as having a reciept of 650, which is what is put in the pieces link when clicked because it pulls the data of the BIN. Sorry for the inconvenience with this, there is no easy way to combine data like that into the BIN. We have passed this request on to our engineering team for review for future devel.

Best Regards,

ok. Thanks for the update…Would it be possible to “NOT” have the “receipt” field filled out by default when clicking the “pieces” link and searching Bin piece/Serial list?