Monitoring Invoice Emails

Is there any way to get a report of invoices in which the invoice email has been sent, as opposed to invoices where the email has not been sent yet?

Hey Regis,

There is a filter on the ‘invoice list report’ that you can set to indicate whether an invoice email has been sent or not. If you run the invoice list report /invoice/list_new click ‘More Options’ on the header of the invoice list report.

Select the dropdown for filter ‘Sent/Unsent’ and select ‘printed/emailed’ to see if an invoice has been printed & emailed. Select Auto to see any invoice emails that have been ‘auto-sent’ (if a customer has invoice notifications set up).

Change that filter status to ‘unsent’ to see any invoices that haven’t had the invoice emailed yet. You can also set the ‘sent/unsent’ filter to manually emailed only to see a list of invoices that have had the invoice email manually sent.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.
Cetec ERP Support

That worked! Thanks!


No problem Regis! I’ll be closing this thread - if you have any additional questions please open another forum post.

Cetec ERP Support