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We have two locations. Say A and B. Some components are produced and received in location B and transferred to the location A for final product assembly.
We are having problem in MRP Lite. There are lines that are on supply/demand. When we go into waterfall, it turns out that we do not need to order more. We just need to do a warehouse transfer, when the production of component at location B completes.
We now have to spend a lot more hours in MRP verifying which supply/demand lines are genuine and which are warehouse transfer cases.

Please see example: PRT102-103-3PS-1. This item is showing in MRP Lite supply/demand. But if you look deeper at QOO, quantity available, waterfall and demand, you will see that somebody has mistakenly ordered this part 3 times and it is still showing up in MRP lite.

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So the system is working how it should, supply and demand signals are warehouse specific, we do always urge purchasing to check the waterfall before buying, but I think there is one thing that will help here a ton, and that is showing these columns on your MRP:

Every user will have to set those to show on their profile, but that should be enough to trigger purchasing to do a warehouse transfer vs a PO.

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