MRP Demand Issue


I have been trying to figure out why this item is not showing up in MRP as a demand of 4ea:

But this item is hitting MRP properly with a demand of 60ea:

The big difference I’m noticing is that the “Activity End Quantity” on the first one is showing “0” when I believe it should say “-4”. Am I correct in this assumption? If so, how do I get it to update? I have refreshed MRP a few times and haven’t noticed a difference. I would appreciate any insights regarding this issue!



@abeausoleil Looks like maybe your allocation isn’t being refreshed properly. We’re going to check with our engineering team and see if we can get that fixed, which should correct the issue with the first part not showing up on MRP.

Sounds great! Thank you.

Hey @abeausoleil !
Engineering has found the issue.
It appears that there were POs created without a due date in your system and we weren’t accounting for that to not be set as a date when doing Allocation calculations.

There currently is a live-patch in your environment & your use-case should be accounted for as of now.
The fix for this should make it into other environments in the next few days.

This issue only appears to affect customers who have open POs with blank due dates.