Negative GM & Wrong Qty Picked

Hi, Please see the below attached screenshots and please fix them. This is messing up our numbers.

  1. The GM is negative even though there is raw material and labor entered in the order
  2. Qty Picked shows “0” even though we have picked parts.

It looks like this invoice has a resale that is below cost? That is the reason for the negative GM.

As for the Qty picked - the Order has been invoiced, and the picked quantities were relieved. You can see what was picked from the Invoice using the Details/Serials link on the left side of the Invoice.

Hope that helps!
Cetec ERP

That’s not right, the resale is not below cost. This is our high volume product and we have completed this order as per the estimated labor and raw material only. There is no reason why it should show negative GM, can you please look into this.

Looking at Invoice 9805.1 NOSI: 13, line 1 show cost of 9.3615 and resale of 1.4200

We recommend checking the cost breakdown via the details/serials link on the left side of the Invoice to see where that cost comes from!

Cetec ERP