Not counting issued parts properly

When issuing material to a job I’ve got a case where it doesn’t add up correctly.

If I issue everything in one bin (66.4) and try and make the remaining 23.2 from another bin I get a total of 89.60000000000001

If I do the split any other way it seems to work, but attempting to empty bin 1 produces this error

Workorder 3229.1 material component 25


@msummers - Yes, it appears there is some floating point/decimal alarm going on behind the scenes in Cetec there.

We can have the engineering department at Cetec look into this.

Meanwhile, Martin is this causing any hold up in transacting on this work order? Although the pick alert is showing the 89.60000000000-etc.-1 number, it should still let you proceed with manufacturing and ultimately shipping/invoicing. Are you experiencing any error moving forward here?

Thank you

It’s non-urgent, I left it in so you can see it.

I think I can get round it by picking from different bins and transferring stock to cover it if needs be.