Order prepayments error

We have noticed today that when we try to apply prepayments to a quote or order that we receive an error saying that the amount being paid can not be more than the total, even when we are trying to enter the total. The only way we have found it to work is enter an amount that rounds up to the total.
For instance, if the balance is $89.84, we have to enter $89.839 for the amount being received in order for it to take.

Hi Jared,

I see this is your first post, welcome to the forum!

As for this specific issue, we have it scoped on our end and our engineering team has a fix in place to be released in the next week or so. In the meantime, you’ll need to continue with the additional decimal place on the input. Apologies for the mishap, and thank you for your patience.


Have you guys released a fix for this? We’ve run in to a similar situation a few times and are still having trouble. On the most recent one they overpaid by 99 cents (should’ve been $999.00 but they paid $999.99) and it won’t let me enter the prepayment. This is the error it’s giving me. “Error creating Prepayment: Can’t Prepay more than the amount set to ship on the Order (998.999991)!”

Hi Kali,

I’m seeing the fix on our end; can you tell me which quote/order you’re getting the error? Maybe we’re missing a small detail here.

Thank you!

Order 5428.1
Thank you

Hi Kali!

After talking with my consulting team, the best practice here is to create a credit memo for the amount they sent, and then apply that credit memo to the prepayment. You’ll see the 'credit memo application in the prepay pop-up. See the screenshot for assistance.

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