Orderline Data Maintenance


I’ve recently changed the sequence of the below mentioned data maintenance tab and to my surprise, it has changed all the Labor Plan in all the parts for some reasons which is now creating problems.

Even though the sequence of “Bend Program” is 2 still it’s showing after “laser cut”. Could you please check and let me know what I can do to fix this issue?



Hi Vaibhav,

Could you try re-uploading those pictures again? It looks like they didn’t come through.

Thank you

Here it is. It seems like everything in the labor plan is derived by “ID” rather than the “Description”.


Editing the build order column in the Data Maintenance table won’t have an effect unless you click the ‘Add All Default Locations’ button on the revision’s labor plan which would then add all the work locations which doesn’t sound like what you are trying to do here.

On that revision’s labor plan, you can drag the “Bend Program” row ( should be available if you click more towards the left ) above “Laser Cut” and that will change the order on this revision.

Is something else happening here for you?
Thank you!

Actually I just edited the build order column and never clicked “Add All Default Location” however the labor plan for all the parts have disorganized as if “ID” column is deriving them. This is creating problems for us as now we have to manually change all the labor plan for all the parts. Is there anything you can do here to fix this issue.

What is the correct ordering of those work locations? That may give some insight as to why they are not correctly ordered.

What you see on the data maintenance is the correct order however this is not reflecting in our labor plan for any part. For instance, as per the data maintenance tab’s order “Bend Program” and “Laser Program” must come before any labor in our parts however, it’s not happening at the moment.

If you can give me call then I’d be able to clarify exactly what is happening

Any words on this?


Editing the data maintenance table won’t have any affect on the existing labor plans so if the “Bend Program” and “Laser Program” were already in those positions they would stay the same. Did you update the descriptions at all as well as the build orders?

No, I didn’t changed the “Description” or “Build Order” at all. I just changed the “Id” column and that impacted everything and I showed you with screenshots that it has actually changed everything in our labor plan. Once again, I’d ask you to call me to understand this issue in detail as we’re really facing a lot of problems because of this.


To schedule a call I would need you to send an email to sales@cetecerp.com and let them know about this issue.

I can continue to try an assist here as well. I am seeing a few updates to descriptions in the usage logs which takes “Laser Program” from the ordline status ID 14 to 2 and then to row 3 and this would change where it appears in your labor plans as we go and grab the description for that row that you have put as a work location.


These can be found under Admin → Logs → Usage Log if you search for ordlinestatus/update in the url search field.

It also appears that some rows were deleted which is why that blank work location is showing up in the picture you provided.

What ends up happening behind the scenes here is that we have an ID for the OrdlineStatus that is attached to the labor plan and with that we pull the description from the OrdlineStatus Data Maintenance table so if any descriptions moved around they would show up improperly like you are describing on your labor plans.

I hope that gives some insight as to what is happening here. If you do send and email to sales@cetecerp.com please let me know

Thank you

In short you’re saying, “Id” column is deriving everything in the labor plan? It doesn’t matter what’s mentioned on the “Description” column?

For instance if I edit “Id” number 2 and enter “Test Run” instead of “Bend Program” and enter " Bend Program" in “Id” number 3 then all the parts that have “Bend Program” as a labor plan will be changed to “Test Run”, is that correct?


Yes that is correct

Okay, got it. So now the questions are,
(1) Is there anyway we can reverse all the changes?
(2) Somehow keep the labor plans as they were without changing anything in the data maintenance data?


It looks like about 40 (likely less, some were edited more than once) revisions have had their labor plans re-ordered since this issue was opened. If you could change the data maintenance descriptions back to the ID they were previously, I could get you a list of the part/revisions that were edited and they could be moved back by someone on your end and that should have all of the changes reversed.

Leaving the data maintenance table alone would require every labor plan to be updated which I don’t think is the best way to go here.

Since some of the rows were actually deleted by me, I don’t think we would be able to return back to 100% original labor plans, we still have to see and edit labor plans before we create an order.

So, in this case I would rather edit the labor plans as per this new data maintenance table because I want to see the same sequence in Gantt Chart as well and that’s the whole reason I changed data maintenance table.
All the circled work locations in the image below we not in this order and that’s why I changed the data maintenance to make it meaningful.


If you want to leave the data maintenance table as is then each labor plan will have to be updated manually which if you are reviewing each order may not be an issue but it could be a lengthy task.

The other option here is to have us restore the Ordline Status data maintenance table which would be a billable task. This should restore all of your part revision labor plans to the correct order but the Gantt chart will not be ordered like you have it currently as it is also shown by the Ordline Status id. You would also lose any edits to the build orders should you want to go with this option.

I need that Gantt Chart to be working perfectly so, I’d like to keep everything as it is at this point and we’ll manually change labor plan for each and every part as required.

Thanks for your help!