Packing List not showing serials


In packing list, we have selected serials checkbox, but it is not showing anything in pdf. Can you kindly look into this. Below is an example link.

Best Regards,

A couple of issues I’m seeing with your link:

  1. That order has no ship qty set, so there’s nothing on that packing slip.
  2. Of the 4 lines that are still open and could be shipping, none of them have serials assigned to the finished goods.
  • /otd/order/11323/serial_control
  • /otd/order/11325/serial_control
  • /otd/order/11326/serial_control
  • /otd/order/11330/serial_control

Do you have any examples of an order that has ship qty set (so that there will be data for the packing slip), and has serials assigned to the finished assemblies, where the serial numbers aren’t getting displayed on the packing slip?