Packing Slips

Our packing slips have been taking some time to load. For example, this morning 7:53am, tried to print a packing slip from 26534.1 which has 2 line items, took quite a while. Our warehouse team has said that sometimes if the order has 30 or more line items, then it takes much longer. I’m not sure if you are able to help us track down why this takes so long, but if you could, that would help us out tremendously.


Hi @Andy,

Wondering if there may be machine/network issues at play here. The packing slips for the two largest invoiced we viewed (Invoice 26280.1-1 with 41 lines and Invoice 25343.1-1 with 30 lines) both loaded in ~6 seconds when we checked.

Are there any other specific examples that have been problematic for you or your warehouse team?