Part Number Creation - Wrong WHSE

When creating a new part number the default is not the main warehouse. Cannot locate where to change the default to be the Justice warehouse

Is there a solution to this issue? Our prime warehouse needs to be the default. We now must choose our main virtual warehouse in receiving and PN creation. This default to a inferior warehouse is causing a lot of issues. Part numbers are being created by employees inadvertently to the Baum warehouse and then deleting once the error is recognized, which then disallows the true creation of the part number since the system sees it as once being created even though it has been delayed and in no longer active. Receiving is effected as well, since each line needs to be chosen to the main warehouse.

@justicebearing Looks like you don’t have a default warehouse set in your enironment.
[cetec url]/tablemaint/LNAME/edit on that page, sroll to the right and click the checkbox under the default warehouse column, then update.
That should make it so that location becomes the default on most screens where it’s an option, though there are some cases where that default can be overridden based on defaults set elsewhere like on part records.