part numbers and unique serials

If I have a top level part BOM that will produce 10 finished items, how do I get the each finished item to have a unique part number + serial?

Our naming convention is as follows:

3 letter job identifier: ZZZ or CGG, ect.
part type descriptor or “section”: A3 or B1, or F2, etc.
serial number: 001, 002, 003, 004…

Eg: CFG-B2-003

We are fine with the PRC prepending the sequence. We use PCE for finished pieces.

We need this defined so we can palatize and know which exact stone is placed or sent or produced or delivered.

Hi @Ryan,

If you go to the part edit page for the BOM, you’ll find the serial format field under ‘production information’.

This is where you’ll set up the numbering scheme that will be used for this part any time serials are assigned to it from a work order where it’s being built.

If you click on the ‘More’ link, it’ll take you to the global/default serial scheme setup. On the global/default serial scheme setup page, you’ll find all of the accepted keywords/phrases that can be used to set up the serial numbering scheme.

Ok thanks.