Part Request Issue


We are encountering an issue. It has taken us a long time to figure out what exactly was going on.
We did a part request on a line. Later we did a partial receiving from that line. During partial receiving, software automatically consumed partial quantities from all picked bins. After partial receiving, software automatically unpicked the balance quantities from request more bin.

We found this when we had a pick request and we could not find any product in the bin. We started investigating and found that we have already issued the parts against a request more but we now have a partial quantity showing up again in the bin.


@asad Can you provide some screenshots/examples of this happening in the system? Just want to make sure we’re able to follow along the exact order of actions in order to better identify the break point. We need to be able to trace the steps that lead to the problem in order to properly address it.


Yes here is an example.
We created part request# 249 in which we issue 1530 qty. against order#1206.1-5. 1178 piece from 006-005-008 and 352 piece 003-003-003. Now the order line has been closed. But qty still shows in the pick part list.

I have another example. Order number 802.1 line 235. This work order has a part request no 151. When I go to complete/receive, there is no reference of quantity issued in part request 151. If I go to the part LB-100-3YE-2 and review bin 001-004-042, nothing has been picked.

Hi @rana826 and @asad

We’ve created a few test parts and test work order in your environment to be able to reproduce this (the examples you provided above were already closed/invoiced)

If you look at work order 1723.1-1

We issued a part request #342, picked the part and then set the Part Request status to “record picks and close”.

This successfully added to the order pick, if you go to the pick parts screen for that work order:

I believe if you Complete/Receive that work order, it should relieve all Qty Picked…

Trying to understand how what we are doing to reproduce this is different than your process.

Possibly your issue here isn’t related to Part Requests? Possibly it is only related to how the system is relieving/backflushing raw component material when you do a Partial Invoice.

To avoid this from happening, we would strongly recommend turning ON the “Stop Underpick Invoice” configuration setting.

Incidentally, it looks like that config setting was turned OFF by asad very recently (on Sep 2, 2021).

Keeping that config setting turned on will force the user to deal with the inventory relief problems involved in partial invoicing right then, before being able to invoice, to keep this issue under control.

Basically, on the complete/receive screen, where you are completing/shipping/invoicing a work order, the system will list out all components PICKED versus components about to be RELIEVED.

Adjusting the component Qty Relief field to be what it should be… that should address any issues.

Hoping this helps. Let us know if you’d like us to delete the TEST items we created in your environment in our attempt to reproduce this issue.