Pick Parts 500 - Internal Server Error

Whenever I go to pick parts, I can’t and I get the following error message.

"500 - Internal Server Error
Something unexpected happened and we can’t complete your request.

Please report the problem to support@cetecerp.com with lots of details and we will get back to you as soon as possible."

Can you please fix this urgently.

Hi @spencer,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. A few questions that will help us better identify what, exactly, is happening:

  • Can you provide us with the order number/ line number that you’re trying to pick parts for?
  • Can you confirm what link/page it is you’re visiting? Is it the work order pick parts page?
  • Are you the only user who gets that error, or does anyone who goes to that pick parts page get the same error?
  • Does this happen to you currently when you try to pick parts for any other orders?

Hi Cetec

Order: 2308.1 Line: 6

Here is the link

Every user gets this error

Order: 2308.1 Line: 9 also gets this error as well as some others but there are others that I can still pick parts to so it seems random.

It looks like someone recently made some changes to your OrdlineStatus data maintenance table, which left some orders that were in progress and had labor plans defined in a state where they were assigned to a work location that no longer exists.

To fix this, and any other open orders that you find where you’re seeing that error on the pick parts page:

  • First correct the orders labor plan, [cetec url]/otd/order/4901/build_process
  • Then, back on the main work order view page, move the order to one of the locations in that labor plan
  • After that the pick parts page should be accessible

Additionally, you may want to review any of your BOMs/revs that have default labor plans set up, and make sure that those labor plans don’t also contain the deleted work locations, otherwise you may experience the same thing with new orders created for those BOMs.

Hopefully that clears this up for you! Let us know if you have any other issues.