PO number sequence

Can I change the assigned number for pquotes and/or PO’s? I know how to go in and change the PO number after it’s been created, but I’d like the sequence to update to our current PO number system.

Hey Jennifer,

Welcome to the Cetec forums!!

In regards to the ability to change assigned PQuote/PO numbers ‘before’ creation so it updates alongside your current PO numbering system… Let me reach out to our engineering department and see if that’s a capability you have as a user.

I do know our engineers have the ability to set the numbering scheme for your PQuotes/PO’s to whatever you would want & update accordingly from that point on. As far as a user being able to do that themselves within your environment I’ll need to reach out and get some more information on this for you.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I get an update from our engineering department on this request and relay that information on over.

Cetec ERP Support