PO specific receiving instructions

There is a field for “Incoming Inspection Instructions (shows at receiving)” in the part record when one edits the part details.

This is a global variable for all POs against that part.

I would like to request PO specific “Incoming Inspection Instructions” that may be added to a given line or to the entire PO. This will allow companies to have ‘deviations’ to incoming inspection as may be necessary (First Article Inspection requirements, deviation inspection/material routing requirements, etc).

When there is only a global Incoming Inspection note, I do not see a good way to handle these incoming inspection deviations as part of fulfilling an ECO or other process change/requirement. With only the global Incoming Inspection note, the note would have to be modified at the global part level until a PO is received and then someone would have to remember to remove it so that the PO specific incoming inspection instructions are removed for subsequent receipts.

@Greg - there is a field on the PO header called “PO Comments” that shows on the receiving screen right above the part global default “incoming inspection instructions”.

Would that accomplish what you’re looking for here short term?

Offering a PO-specific incoming inspection override would be nice, we can present that to our product/engineering team to put on our roadmap.


Thanks. I agree that will work for the near future.