Prepayment Dollar Amount Issues

I am having a couple issues with prepayments. 1.) Sometimes customers pay a different amount than their supposed to. For example it’s a couple cents over what it should be. The system will not allow me to save the prepayment if it’s over the amount of the order but I need to be able to enter exactly what they paid so is there a way around that? 2.) Since the update the amount is now automatically filled in the prepayment box. Is there a way to make it stop doing that?


Thanks for contacting us to try to figure this out. We went in to take a look at what you’re seeing, and I do see how Cetec isn’t allowing you to enter an over-payment on a prepayment. It seems the prepayment amount that matches the amount of the order can be entered as prepayment, but anything above that that the customer pays can be entered separately as a credit memo.

Also, unfortunately, it sounds like there isn’t a setting to keep the system from automatically filling in the prepayment box.

I apologize that we couldn’t provide a workaround, and hope that this at least helps clarify things.

Have a good day,
Cetec ERP Support

Until the most recent update we always put in the amount. It was never auto-filled.

I apologize, Kali. It sounds like we made that change to help streamline entering prepayments.