Prepayment not applying to Invoice

My sales team has brought me in to a few orders now where they are receiving and applying prepayments to open orders. The order says prepaid after they are done, but after the order is converted to an invoice, the prepayment is no longer applied and the invoice shows an amount due.
There is even a note on the Invoice where it says “Ignored Credit Hold Notes Order Prepaid: 1045.59” but yet the Invoice does not have the second half of the customers payment applied to it. I then have to go in to “Take Payment” and apply the unapplied funds afterwards.

Can you give us an example of one of the order numbers/invoices where this was an issue?

16614.1 is an example

Just to clarify, because I think this might be part of what’s causing the problem:

I noticed the order there had multiple prepayments. Is the issue that when it was invoiced none of the prepayments were applied to the invoice, or only 1/part of them?

Usually it is the second prepayment that does not show applied after it is invoiced.

So, just to confirm/be explicit: If there are multiple prepayments then the first of them will get applied automatically, but the remaining prepayments do not?

Correct. I can’t confirm that it is EVERY time, but it is definitely happening quite frequently.

Thanks for that @J_Ochs, I think that’s about as solid of a lead as any to investigate what’s going on here. We’ll look in to that, and update you here once we have more information.

We are still running in to this issue. Latest invoice #18800.1-1

Thanks @J_Ochs, we’re still looking in to this for you. We’ll let you know when we’ve made some traction.

@J_Ochs Our engineers were able to get some more information on this issue, and also begine working on a fix for it.

It appears that, specifically if there was a prepayment for the quote and one on the order, only the first of those would get applied.

We’ve got a fix coming in the next couple of weeks that should make it so that all valid prepayments should get applied to the invoice/s. In the meantime, please continue being diligent, and applying the other payments to the invoices as you come across them.