Pricing Breaks on Quotes not showing up properly

we’ve created pricing breaks for our product ASY0000001

We have price breaks at Quantity 1-49, 50-199, 200-999.

When I create a quote for this item, the price breaks don’t show up at these quantity points. Quote in question is here: (…/quote/2037/view)

Also, the lead-time value I entered into the parts Price list (…/part/11/pricing) doesn’t show up either…

Hi Regis!
Pricing Breaks on parts don’t import onto a quote from a part.
However, once the quote has Pricing Breaks on it, you can change the Qty on those Quote Pricing Breaks and they will pull updated data from the Part Pricing Breaks into the Quote Pricing Breaks.
If you go into the Quote, & click the Line Edit Pencil, you should see the Leadtime values in the Quote Pricing Subtable.

Hope that helps!