Production Line Not Populating from Quote

So we are having multiple orders that do not have a Production Line specified for the parts. The Production Line is populated in the header on the BOM screen for the part.

An example: Quote # 5627 Line 6 has a Production line but when it was committed order 5627.1-6 shows Production Line = None. (FYI the Production Line is also specified on the Build Defaults for the part too.)

We’ll take a look at that quote and see what we can find out for you here. Thanks!

Hey @robinl,

We had to have our engineering team look at this one. They identified a difference in the way old vs. new part records stored the work center information, which affected the way that it got pulled on to the workorders.

Theres a fix for this in the works now that should get pushed out to your environment in the next week or so. After that, let us know if you’re still experiencing this issue on any new orders.