Production Order Searches - Can't Search Order Name?

It seems weird that the production order search parameters doesn’t include the “order name”? we put quite a bit of information in this title as it allows us to easily identify what the WO refers to when looking at a production order list ( …/otd/order/list), I would think it’d be a good search parameter to have on your list?

secondarily, I see a search field called “tag(s)”. where can we populate this field in the Work Order?

We do not currently have a way to search the name on POs, though it is searchable on sales orders. We may have our engineers take a look and see if it would be possible to add that search field to the POs as well in the future.

As far as tags, there’s a couple of different places they can be added.

  1. When creating a quote, you can edit a line and add tags to the line there, and those will be carried over when the order is created.
  2. If you’re looking at an existing workorder, down at the bottom of the page you can edit the header data for the WO and set the tags there.