production view screen not displaying the correct work order location

both of these order are in current location “HOMEWORK - TERESA” but are displaying something else.

Showing correct:

Showing something different:
example 1 Cetec ERP
example 2 Cetec ERP

Picture attached as well

Hi Joe,

I reviewed these links and found the example orders provided have been closed- apologies for the delay here. Was this issue isolated to these specific orders or are there other open ones currently that I can look at for you?

Thank you,

Cetec ERP


Hi Joe,

I appreciate the clarification. We had a recent escalation with our engineering team and I wondered if this issue might be related.

On these orders where the location is not showing correct on the WO screen, do you know if your users are changing the location by using the “See All” button next to Current Location? The correct location should be showing under the comments and history section of the WO - which our engineers are working to correct.

Can you confirm if this is what is occurring by going into one of the WO’s and ‘correcting’ the work location via the “See All” button? I found an example order Cetec ERP that you can attempt with.

Thank you,

Cetec ERP


Chiming in here. It looks like we have a fix for this which should be going out overnight. If you are still seeing these issues in the morning please let us know.


Just checking to see if someone could review this issue? We have still been seeing when we use this screen to move a group of orders, it is moving orders to a random location. The screen is very helpful so we don’t have to move orders one by one to the floor

Thank you

Hi @steve ,

I looked through the history on this post and the fix we had in place was for how the location was being displayed on the pick parts screen and production order list when the location was changed using the “Current Location (See All)” button on the work order overview screen.

Are you having a different issue, possibly with moving location using the Release to Pick report? If you have a specific order you are looking at please feel free to send it over so I can look into it.

Cetec ERP

yes. here is an example. THis will happen will all orders.

you can move to any location (even ones in the labor plan) using the release build orders screen and the part pick screen wil display something random and will also dispaly you new message, even when it is actually located in a work order location that is in the labor plan.

if you have questions, it might be esier to call me 314-892-1515 ext 108

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