Project Questions

  1. I believe PQuote would reflect the amount unreceived in OPEN POs. Is that correct?
  2. Purchased would be the amount received on POs. Is that correct?
  3. What is the total accrued amount?
  4. Total Invoiced (Internal) is that Labor amount?
  5. Total Invoiced (External) is also Labor amount?


Apologies for the delay on an answer here. You can see where those values are pulling from by clicking on those blue hyperlinks. I can break it down here for you as well. Total in PQuote is the total value on open PQuotes that are linked to that project. Total purchased is the total on any POs that are linked to the project regardless of if it’s been received or not. Total accrued is the value of any open orders you have. Total invoiced (internal) is any internal orders you have invoiced and linked to the project. Total Invoiced (External) is any invoices that have been billed to the customer.


Cetec ERP Support

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