Purchase Order PDF Columns - "Taxable" field

I’m noticing that I’m not seeing a “Taxable” selection box as a column to be shown on the Purchasing PDF (…/purchaseorder/4478/pdf). Didn’t this use to be an optional selection box?

Hello Regis!

Under the Purchasing PDF there is not a “Taxable” checkbox because there is no tax column on PO lines. The “Taxable” checkbox you are referring to we believe is the Order PDF (…/order/AE4254.1/pdf). This has a tax column on the order lines and would them have the checkbox option on the PDF screen.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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ok. So going back, i have a Purchase Quote. I specify that it is taxable and include the tax rate…(/pquote/4176/view). Even here, I would assume the PDF/EMAIL page would allow me to display this tax rate on the PO so I can communicate that to the vendor…?

In some cases I’d like to document this for the entire order, in other cases, i’d like to be able to do this for each line item…