Purchasing Role

We have assigned “purchasing” role the user. But he could not get the list of open purchase orders when he navigate to purchasing>>Purchase Orders. Plus He is also unable to navigate to following URL of every part. https://goldstarmedicalinstruments.cetecerp.com/part/208/pos
Kindly help me which role is suitable for that. If I assign the manager role, he will be be able to see all cost and resale which we aim to hide.

Hi Saira!

When the user navigates to Purchasing>Purchase Orders, what happens to their screen after they click the orange, submit button?

Thank you!

An empty list is generated for that user despite of the fact that we have hundreds of orders.

Hi Saira,

Ok! My guess is there is a filter prohibiting seeing all of the POs. Can you have the user make sure the ‘Buyer’ filter is set to ‘All’?

This should display all POs. Let me know if you have any follow up questions here!