QOH/Inactivate Part Error

I am trying to delete/inactivate a few parts in our system (listed below). When I got to the Part List screen, they show a QOH. When I go into the individual part page, there is no inventory. Because the Part List screen shows QOH, I can’t delete the parts. Can you please help fix this issue? Thanks!


@elizabetha So it looks like what happened here is that some changes were made to your Warehouse/Location data table, which left the inventory from locations “C1” and “C2” in in a limbo state where the database knows it’s there but there’s no way to interact with it in the UI (there may be more, depending on how much was changed on the locations data). You can see this by searching the inventory value report for those parts, e.g. [your cetec url]/part/part_value?prcpart=PPE001001-03&active=all&as_of_date=

There are a couple of options on how to go about resolving this.

  1. We can get you in touch with someone on our engineering team who would be able to look at the inventory records, and correct any like that that were orphaned as a result of the location changes (their time here would be billable)
  2. You could temporarily add new locations that have the same location codes as those that are now missing and causing the issue, then that should cause that inventory to show on the part records again. Once it’s there, you could then adjust down the inventory, delete the part once that qty has been addressed, and then delete those temporary locations after the parts have all been addressed.

If you do want to pursue working on this, please email sales@cetecerp.com and reference this forum topic, and they’ll handle the initial contact their to help get this taken care of for you.


Great! I went through and added those locations and that worked.