Quote tax - not displaying rates

Hi, when editing quotes we can’t select a tax rate at the header level anymore, the control for Taxable/Non-Taxable remains but you can no longer change the tax group - is it the intention that this is controlled by the bill-to/ship-to contacts now?

Also on the pdf form it doesn’t say the % rate now, it just gives the tax group description and the % symbol.

Once converted to an order you can then edit the tax group in the header and the order acknowledgement displays the tax rate as well.

Kind regards

In addition to this it seems all the quotes we converted to orders from Friday 5th onwards converted with 0 tax, but when you go in to edit the order there was a message saying the tax rate had changed and click here to update.

I’ve gone through and updated the ~10 orders there were but it does seem now if we convert a quote it comes through with no tax regardless of what is set in the header.

Hi Martin,

Apologies for the hiccup here. This was a system-wide bug that we just fixed and deployed to your environment about 30 minutes ago. Any new quotes created will display the tax properly.

Thank you for your patience!