Receipt lines - voucher not auto applying cost

You can see that the second line auto filled at 0.00 cost ( I manually have to adjust the actual bin cost on the part).

I am having the same problem.

It appears the Receiving Screen/Landed Cost is not recognizing the Unit Cost and calculates as if it is 0.00.

Apologies for the inconveniences. We have a fix in place that will be rolling out tomorrow and Wednesday to correct the receiving screen cost issue. We found this is occurring when receiving multiple lines using the Receive and Keep PO button. A short term work around would be to bypass the Receive and Keep PO button and retype the PO then select the line. Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

Cetec EPR Support

Thank for the response.

Just to note, in my case the PO for this item was a single line…

@dschafer ,

Thanks for the additional information. Are you still seeing this issue? When I check the url I can see the cost generating now.

Best Regards,
Cetec ERP Team

Looks OK now. Thanks!

Still experiencing issue:

Thank you for the screenshot. Can I get some more details on the issue you’re having? When I’m looking at this receipt I can see it was received at cost Cetec ERP.

Best Regards,
Cetec ERP Team

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