Receipt number links going to wrong parts

If you access the Inventory Activity screen for this part NRS4-2700-475-REV-B, it has a hyperlink on the last 3 lines to receipt number [0-042512]. If you click on the first hyperlink for that number it goes to Purchase Order Receipt 26527 from 2011 for a JST part. If you click on the second hyperlink with the same number it goes to the same PO receipt. If you click on the 3rd link it goes to Purchase Order Receipt 16208 from 2008 for a PAN part. I looked through the PO history for the NRS4-2700-475-REV-B part and none of them are showing receipt 0-042512 or anything similar to that.

That is a little strange. Let us review the information there and see if we can help identify what is causing that.

@robinl Thanks for sending this our way. Our engineering team was able to identify the issue with those receipt links. There’s a short term fix in your environment now to correct the issue with those receipts from your example, and a longer term fix is in the works now that will prevent this from happening with other receipt links moving forward.


Thanks so much!

You’re welcome!

We received in some sample parts (so there was no PO). The system assigned receipt number 32676-011322. (See /part/31450/inventory.) However 32676 is a duplicate from a receipt back in 2012 for a different part (see purchaseorderreceipt/31568/view). So when she scans the barcode for the receipt from today it actually pulls up the record from 2012.

We’ve cleared out that receipt record for the new part so that it no longer links to the old receipt. We’re also continuing to work on a long term fix for the issue.

There’s a chance you may have some other non-po parts that have incorrect receipts listed. We don’t really have a good way of identifying those, other than you informing us when you find them.

Thanks so much and will send over any more as we see them!