Receive payment by Credit Card

I am looking for details on what would be involved and any costs that might be associated with taking payments from customers in Cetec by Credit Card? We are reviewing the possibility for some of our smaller customers and any input would be greatly appreciated.

Nathan S.

Hi @nathanfki,

Our credit card integration is done through a company called CardConnect.
First step would be to sign up with them here:
After that, once they have an account set up with CardConnect, You should be able to get an API key that can be plugged into Cetec to get things working there. There are 3 config settings that will need to be adjusted:

  • “BluePay Mode”
  • “BluePay Secret Key”
  • “BluePay Account ID”)

CardConnect was formerly called BluePay, hence the config names. If you have any trouble setting those, reach out to and they should be able to help you get it sorted out.

As far as cost, the integration is already built in to Cetec and we don’t charge any extra for using it. The only costs would through CardConnect, and you would pay any associated fees to them directly.