Reconciliation Issue

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Working on reconciling our Bank Statement to our Bank Account in Cetec ERP. However, after extensive checking it is off by 1 cent. It appears that there is some sort of fractions of a cent that may be the culprit but not sure how to fix. After reviewing other comments it appears to be something engineering worked on prior. Can you please see this reconcile and advise on the “checks & payments” being off by 1 cent in the positive is due to fractions of a cent being rounded to the nearest cent? Thank you. Cetec ERP

You likely have an A/R with a fraction of a penny on it. You can review the A/R (or A/P) payments on your bank reconcile. That’s almost always what it is. Also, in the next release, we will add the ability to increase precision on the bank reconcile to whatever you have on the config setting total_currency_precision so you’d be able to set that to 5 or 10 and see the exact values.

Update: It sounds like there is a value that is .0000006 or something similar, and our team is going to look into it more. We’ll get back to you with an update. Thanks!


It looks like there is some fractional rounding going on summing up the delta on the reconcile screen.

It is amounting to one cent of a delta, which would usually be considered immaterial…

Is there any reason why you wouldn’t be able to simply close out the reconcile despite the penny delta and move on?

Please let us know!


That is fine that I reconcile and move on but just found it odd that the system was dealing with fractions of a cent. When the opportunity arises it would be nice to just have everything round up so I don’t spend a couple of hours thinking I was going crazy searching for a penny but now I know the issue so I can work with that.

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