Request for Purchasing from within part # (not WO)

If I am in a Work Order I can request more parts from internal.

What if I am looking at the page for a part itself (part/1423/inventory as an example) - is there a way I can signal to our purchaser that I would like more purchased from a vendor? This way i could just signal I would like MOAR HEATSHRINK PLZ rather than swapping into an email program, copying over a part #, and doing a request that way.
This would be most helpful i think in situations where we knew we had a lot of projects coming up and wanted to batch purchase rather than trickle-as-needed, or for R&D requesting their own stuff.

@Dellis is this what you were talking about?

Thanks in advance!


Currently, we do not have this function but I can pass it along to engineering. You could also use forecasts for those jobs if you don’t have them in the system, and there is a check box on MRP to run forecasts into the purchasing suggestions.


Cetec ERP Support

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