Restricted to Purchase Orders For User


Trying to setup a new employee with access to view all purchase orders created. Unfortunately, there is a note stating that she is “Restricted to Purchase order for User: Sandi Watts”.

Have gone through the USER setting for them and have purchasing selected. Even made her a manager and admin and still no luck.

Please advise when you are able.

Thank you,


Hi @kwall222

I believe if you assign that user the “AllPQuotes” role, that should open up visibility to all POs.


Thank you for the quick response.

This user has that setting enabled. Screenshot 2021-05-10 101135

It still is not working. Still only shows Sandi’s purchase orders. Just want to make sure you’re still working on this one. Thank you. --Kris

Just following up to see if this one is still being worked on.

Thank you,


Hello CETEC Help. We are in great need for this to be resolved. Can I please get some help. It’s been over a week since requesting help on this. Thank you.

Looking at your environment right now, Sandi doesn’t have the AllPQuotes role selected.

Try selecting that again (and make sure to scroll down and click submit to save that change) and then see if that fixes the problem.

Thank you for the response. That fixed our issue.

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No problem, glad it’s working for you now!