First off, thank you for allowing users to update the customer. I’m now using that and ran into an issue.

Steps I went through:
• Looked up serial number from invoice history
• Opened the original ship-to invoice for the end-item we sold to a distributor
• Selected “Create RMA” from the left-hand menu
• In the RMA, I change the customer from the original sell-to party (distributor) to the current owner of the asset.
• In the RMA, I select PDF from the left-hand menu, to create a RMA document to send over to the asset owner
o Result–the original sell-to party (distributor) is incorrectly listed on the header of the RMA.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for reaching out. We will review this and update you shortly.

We are trying to create an RMA from an invoice and the original customer displayed (as it should). When we click update we are receiving the error message “Error: Can’t call method “name” on an undefined value at lib/Cetec/Reboot/Schema/Result/RMAHeader.pm line 284” and it changes the Customer to (no customer). It is not saving the RMA (although it is showing an assigned RMA number on the screen) you can’t edit or access it from the All RMA list (and I expanded my search parameters to show everything).

Hey Robin,

We have found this error and are running the software to fix it.

Would you mind validating it for us?


Fixed! Thanks!

Any update? Bug is still present. Since this is customer facing, it is high priority for Cetec users.

Hi Greg!

Apologies, we got the thumbs up from Robin on the same issue, and we thought it was cleaned up for all. After looking into your environment, I see that your RMA PDF (Admin>Config Settings>Custom Documents) is customized.

Do you have an IT staff on hand who could review that .tt file to see what’s halting the ship info update when updating the customer on RMA?

If you’d like, you can change the RMA PDF to use our default as opposed to the custom document you are using. Furthermore, since you are on a resident server, you can test that in your beta environment as to not hinder your production environment.

Let us know if you have any issues after reviewing the custom document!

Have a great day.