Scrapped an incorrect serial number from a bin

I was scrapping parts that failed in a lot and accidentally scrapped a serial number that did not fail. How do I “unscrap this part”?


Where were you scrapping these parts? Was it a part request? Knowing the area of the system will help to see if it can be undone.


Cetec ERP Support

Hi, It is a finished good scrapped from the bin in inventory. I was told the part had failed inspections but was given an incorrect serial number.


The best solution here would be too receive a non-PO receipt for 2 parts and add the serials when you receive. That will lose the tractability but you will be able to ship those two parts. Does that make sense? Basically go receive the part without a PO then add the serials. This will create a new bin and you can ship from there.

Please let me know if you have more questions.


Cetec ERP Support

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