Unable to receive PO

Please see this link: Cetec ERP

As discussed in a previous request I’m unable to receive the materials. The “Receive” link is grayed out and I’m unable to receive.

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@kwall222 Those PO lines are from a drop ship order, which we’d typically expect goes from the vendor directly to your customer (i.e. never gets received to your inventory).

Is that not what’s supposed to be happening with this order?

We have been receiving off the purchase order from the beginning. Many times we have a backorder from a direct. Once we receive it on the PO we invoice the client and create a vendor voucher. When we select the PO we can add only those items that were shipped.

Why did you change it in 4.0?

@kwall222 I don’t believe we made any changes to the expected behavior of drop-ship orders in the v4 update.

Can you give us an example of one of the orders/POs from before that was processed the way you’re describing?

Literally every PO before November

Here’s a great example of how this not being fixed is really going to mess us up. Cetec ERP

We have received multiple invoices on one PO but now I can’t receive this one. There will be additional invoices coming up that we will need to receive against as well. Please need this fixed right away! I’m extremely frustrated right now.

Here’s another example of multiple receipts on one PO.


Still grayed out on my end when trying to receive PO’s. We have been going back and forth for over 5 days. This needs to be put back to the way it was please.

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Are you able to send a screenshot of where you’re seeing a greyed out receiving link/option? I just went back and checked a test environment that was running 3.11 and I don’t see any receive options on drop ship/non-inventory POs there either. Just want to make sure we’re seeing the same thing you are.

That said, you should still be able to receive against the PO by going to Warehouse > Receiving > receive Parts. Enter the PO#, select the appropriate line, enter the qty, and receive. I just tested that using a backup of your data in a test environment while impersonating your user, and was able to perform a receipt for one of those POs without any problem. Are you able to receive that way currently in your environment, or does that also not seem to be working?