Use parts without specifying quantity?

Is there a way to mark a part/lot# being used, but not have to specify quantity? Like a check box?
Example: I use some threadlocker on an assembly. Its a 1.69 fl Oz bottle, and I used a couple of drops.
For traceability purposes we have a Lot # assigned to the bottle, but in order to have it recorded we have to specify a quantity used, which seems like overkill for a couple of drops (let alone trying to calculate out what those drops figure into the UOM).


I’ve been looking into this for you, and and one option would be to designate the threadlocker as floor stock. There’s a quick bit of info on that here: What Does Floor Stock Do And How Do I Enable It?

After turning on the config setting mentioned in that short article, you could add the threadlocker to the BOM revision, make sure the “Floor Stock?” column is showing on the revision chart, and check the box to designate the threadlocker as floor stock on that BOM.

The threadlocker would then be auto-picked on any order for that BOM.

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions here.


Cetec ERP Support

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