Voucher Payments defaulting to wrong warehouse

Our payments are showing comong out of a “SURPLUS WAREHOUSE” and not our primary JUSTICE BEARING location.

@justicebearing Looking back through some of your other payments since the begining of the year, they seem to have the same location set as the newer ones.

Was the location previously correct and has now changed?
When did you first notice the incorrect location?
Have you recently made any changes to your locations on the LNAME data maintenance table?


Nothing was altered

Can CETEC recode a record for LNAME ID #1 to add back in the default “Justice Bearing, LLC”

Sorry to be a PIA - but can this be fixed?

Hi Shawn,

We’re looking at this with our engineering team now to try and determine the best way to handle it for you. I believe the current plan is to add in an option for no location set, and have that be the default.

We appreciate you bearing with us as we continue to work through it, and we’ll keep you posted as we make more progress.


Currently - without the #1 field being in place and having it set as a default warehouse - the default is going alphabeticly and pulling that “Justice Baum” warehouse. Need the #1 field re-established.

@justicebearing I think, in this situation, that LNAME ID 1 is a bit of a red herring. Anywhere in the system that uses the location should have no issue with your table starting with ID 2.

The issue here is the implementation of the location field on the payment screen without a more robust default option, instead just defaulting to the first option on the list (alphabetically, as you pointed out).

We are working on fixing it now, and will get it taken care of for you as soon as we can. Thanks for bearing with us as we work through it!

@justicebearing Just an update here, we believe we have a fix for this, adding “None” as the default location for AP Payments. It’s currently going through testing and validation, and will be pushed out as soon as that’s done.

This should, we believe, fix the location displayed on your older payments. If you view the AP Payments list you can see that the older ones don’t actually have a location set, you’re only seeing it displayed when you click in to the individual payments because we have to display something, and it’s displaying the default. But the actual database doesn’t seem to have a location set, so once we fix the default location option that will become what’s displayed there.

That said, any new payments that have been made will have a location set, so you’ll have to go in to those and change the locations manually. You can either use the default “None” location (after we release the fix) or use whatever would be the correct location for the situation.

Cetec ERP Support

Wish this were fixed :frowning:

Can you provide any specific examples of payments that don’t seem to be correct?

Older Payments (that never had a location option) are showing none for their location:

And newer payments appear to be using the default warehouse as the location for the payments:

Are there payments where that doesn’t seem to be the case?