Work history

  1. Is there a way to use the actually work history to update the estimated time?

  2. Is there tab that can show labor that was estimated vs the actual after the part is invoiced?

On #2, the reports I’d recommend checking out are:

-Estimated vs Actual Time (Production > Mgmt > Est. vs Actual Time)
-Invoice Labor Variance (Sales > Invoices > Labor Variance)

I’m looking into your first question for you, and will let you know what I find out.

Okay, after doing some digging myself, I checked with our product management team to find out the answer to your first question. It sounds like there is not a way to auto-update estimated labor times on the part revision labor plan based on actual labor times from past orders.

Of course, new values can be entered manually based on what the user sees are more realistic labor estimates based on actual labor times. But there is not an automatic process in the system for that.

Hope that helps,
Cetec ERP Support

What would be a best way to see the old labor while create a new labor plan.
Just to you can see the old estimate while entering the new

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