Workflow Type?

What is “Workflow Type”? I’d like to get the status of the workflow but can’t figure out where this field is updated…

That column is a holdout from some design we previously considered implementing, but is unused at this point.

Currently all of the workflow management in Cetec is handle by the workflow state.
Here are some links that may be helpful as you continue educating yourself on workflow in Cetec:
Workflow & Collaboration
How To Manage Quote Workflows & Collaboration
How To Make Custom Workflows

Hope that information helps steer you in the right direction! We’re always here if you have any other specific questions.

I was wondering if it’d be possible to associate the Work order production status state to the Work Order List (top level). See attached screenshot as to what i’m referring to. It’d be nice to have a bit more details to the state of Sales Order Status, besides just “Pre-release, In process, Completed”

That being said, maybe there is a report that might have the info i’m looking for and i’m not looking in the right place?

We don’t have a way to show the work location information on that page. However, you can view more detailed information about each order in the system by going to Production > Orders > List. Make sure the box for “Show Prod Mgmt” flag is checked and you’ll get columns for Production Notes and Stats.

There may be a future version where those two screens are combined and you can get a more complete view of your orders in one place, but for now you would have to reference the production orders list to be able to find that information.

Thanks for the explanation.