1 API Question and 1 request


First question, We are trying to devise a method to put in our PUT API for quotes to set the priority if the requested shipping is priority and not ground. We would like to actually set the priority marker as 1-3 but do not see that on the API list of options, so we were thinking of using another option like dock date or something. Just wondering if I am missing something regarding the priority options, and there is a field we can use when generating the quote to set the priority or not.

My request is if it is possible to add the “Ship Via” Field to the columns available on the quote list.

Thank you

I have also been asked to find out something from my API code wizard guy…

Could you please find out from CETEC Support why the following request
https://currentperformance.cetecerp.com/api/customer?preshared_token=(Our Token)&acctemail=severedmsg@aol.com
times out.
The only request the is accepted is searching by name
https://currentperformance.cetecerp.com/api/customer?preshared_token=(Our Token)&name=James Johnson
but that does not help us in the case of customers with the same name.

Thanks for the questions Jared! We’ll have to check with our engineering team about the API questions, and the quote list.

We’ll update you once we hear something back from them.

on the /importjson/overview quote import tool, you can use the ship_via key to specify your Ship Via.
That would work. I think that tool was what you were referring to as the Quote PUT API. (It’s technically a POST, not a PUT, and we don’t have a quote PUT API at this time).
Please note that ship_via key references the SHPCDE table in Data Maintenance using the field “external_key” that field must exist & be exactly (case-sensitive) the same.
It actually searches like this (as of today, potential subject to change here)
CustomerShipViaCode table by external key (if none-found moves on):
SHPCDE by external_key (if none-found moves on):
SHPCDE by code (if none-found moves on):
SHPCDE by method_of_shipment (if none-found moves on):
Config Settings: default_ship_via (if none-found moves on):
Customer → Default Ship Via.

curl -k “https://currentperformance.cetecerp.com/api/customer?preshared_token=redact&acct_email=redact@redact.com

did return to me a single record when using the Primary Email from /customer/9878/view

If you are submitting get requests through a browser, @ will need to be encoded manually. cURL usually properly does this if the full command is wrapped in double-quotes (as above)


we have been using the ship_via information when the API creates quotes. My problem is the quote list does not have Ship Via in the available columns.

The question from my API requests timing out has more to do with our automation trying to verify if a customer who places an order on our website is a new customer or not. So the API is looking to see if the name exists, and if so, is it the same phone number and email address as the customer placing an order. Using that information, we are trying to then either create a new customer with the same name, or just post a new quote for an existing customer. Right now, we only get a return that the customer name exists, the other request times out. A quote and updated address is then generated, but it is causing issues if it turns out to not actually be the same person.

The Quote List won’t include the Ship Via column as that data is stored separately.

Please try not to create a new customer with the same name as some lookups in the system are done by customer name (adding additional quotes via API for instance) (if customer id, customer num, or external key are not provided).

Can you provide semi-redacted versions of the calls you are using to determine the following?

  • we only get a return that the customer name exists, the other request times out. A quote and updated address is then generated, but it is causing issues if it turns out to not actually be the same person.


I think we have an idea for a solution to our issue. We will simply create a code that checks to see if the customer is pre-existing or not, and if it is a customer with the same name, but not the same email and phone, then we will generate a new customer name with sequential numerals.
So John Smith, John Smith1, John Smith2, etc.

Regarding the Ship Via field, do you have any other suggestions about how we can add some kind of identifier to our API that we can see on a quote list report to show if any orders placed through our website require faster processing for shipping?