1000 Comma Separator

Is there a config setting or other setup to allow a comma separator for every 1,000 number? Example, our quotes for one million pieces would display as 1000000 (which can be difficult to read) instead of 1,000,000.

Please let me know.


Thanks for reaching out. I checked with the engineering team about this. From what they say, money should be formatted in this way but there is not currently a way to format other values to be comma separated.

Cetec ERP Support

Thank you for your reply. It would be helpful to have quantities shown with a comma separator as we’ve been getting complaints from customers that these numbers can be difficult to read without it.

Specifically for your customer facing documents, there is a possibility of adding formatting for the numbers in to the documents directly. We use Template Toolkit to generate the PDFs, there are some built in methods there that will do what you’re asking for, or you could likely add some javascript to the file that would handle it for you.

We have a few post on our support site about custom docs, like this, as well as some links to presentations from past user conferences where the topic was covered in much greater detail.

Alternately, you can contact sales@cetecerp.com and they can help get you a quote from our engineering team for us to do that work for you.