2019 Voucher/Payment

I thought I was making a payment for a current credit card entry but somehow it brought a 2019 transaction in. I have no idea how it’s even possible because there is already a payment and reconciliation for it back in 2019. Could you please help me clear this up? The vendor is Zoro and the amount is $366.21.

Here is the original reconcile from 2019:

Here is the incorrect payment from a few days ago:

It is also showing up on our voucher list to be paid:


Thanks for reaching out! I have sent this over to accounting and I will get back to you ASAP with an update.


Cetec ERP Support


We think that the incomplete cancel on AP Pmt 1088 is keeping AP Pmt 1091 from completing…follow these steps to get all corrected:

  1. on AP Pmt 1088, click ‘Mark as Paid’ to complete the cancel of the payment

  2. Open Reconcile 33, uncheck AP Pmt 1091, click ‘Update’

  3. on AP Pmt 1091, click ‘Mark as Unpaid’, review that Voucher is still included and AP and Cash amounts still agree, then click ‘Mark as Paid’

  4. on Reconcile 33, AP Pmt will now be at the very bottom of the report…check it as cleared…don’t worry if the numbers in the upper box appear wonky…once you click ‘Update’ Reconcile 33 will be reconciled again with ‘0’ delta…then click “Closed”

  5. view the Voucher List, filtering for Zoro vendor and Voucher 1759 to make sure it looks like this when steps are completed:


Let me know if you have more questions!


Cetec ERP Support

That worked. Thank you.