3.11 New Feature - Scrap Management

I’m very interested in getting more details re: the following:

  • New scrap management tool. If you have a BUILD order for Qty 50, and 2 fail inspection and are scrapped, you may close the entire line item for Qty 50, while marking the Qty 2 as scrap, which will invoice the passing Qty 48 per normal invoice backflushing process to the order, while adjusting the Qty 2 (and all its component inventory that was picked for those Qty 2 BOMs) with a certain inventory adjustment reason code. This tool can be accessed via the Close Line/All tab (left side-nav) of an order.

My question is:

Can this address “serialized” assemblies with “serialized” components?


No, I don’t believe this feature will assist in helping match up which serialized components go with which lot/split… i.e. so you know which failed serialized components were scrapped off the lot and which ones remained on the lot that passed.

That’s a separate problem and would require its own investigation, scope of work, and development.

Please feel free to play with the new feature though and see if and how it might be of use to you guys!