4.14 bugs

Some bugs I have found with the 4.14 release:

  1. Bonus fields and other PO header fields do not show up in the formatted pdf even though they are selected.
    PO pdf

  2. Vendor name doesn’t populate in the PO’s pdf (used to be the remit-to name).

Hi @vikas,

A quick look at your environment shows that you’re using a custom doc for your PO PDFs.

Do you happen to know whether or not this was something that you/your team edited internally, or if those customizations were done by our engineering team? In either case, the fact that you’re using a custom doc here means the first thing that would need to happen is to determine whether or not the issue exists for our “default” document as well or just your custom document. If the determination is made that the issue is only with your custom doc, then it would constitute billable time for our engineering team to dig into your custom doc and see what the issue is.

An easy way to confirm whether or not that’s the case is:

  1. On that custom document page, make sure to download a backup copy of the existing custom document
  2. After confirming you have a backup, click the “Revert to Default” link on that page, to switch from your custom document to our system default.
  3. Once using the default, confirm whether or not the issue exists on the default by testing those same functions of the PO PDF.
  4. After you’re done testing, be sure to re-upload your custom doc.

If you do determine that the issue is with your custom doc, and you would like to have our engineering team help resolve the problem, please let us know. It will likely be 1-2 hours of billable time, billed at actual time spent.

Let us know if you need anything else here!