500 - Internal Server Error on Parts Labor for Quote

One of our users was working on quote 7234 for a build job. We added the BOM, then added a labor plan and had it set to Use Location Path Estimate. No labor was pulling back over to the quote. I pulled the quote up on my system and clicked update, the BOM went away. She rebuilt the BOM and now when she (or I) try to access the Labor path we get a 500 - Internal Server Error when we click Edit.


Thank you for being patient with us, we apologize about the delay in getting to you on this issue. When we look at Quote 7234 currently it is showing as being closed out, were you able to get this to work by cloning the quote and using the new quote instead?

When we looked at the BOM Worksheet for this quote it displayed the BOM correctly. We just want to confirm that the issue you are seeing is not currently happening on any other quotes you have noticed?

Best Regards,

No worries… I was able to copy BOM worksheet onto a new quote to get past it. Haven’t seen the issue since so probably an issue with a couple of us trying to update at the same time or something.

  • Robin