500 Internal Server Error

We are receiving some 500 errors. It seems to be when we try to filter on the Production Order List view.

I’m getting it too!

it seems to happen when you do a blank look up for all work orders. but if you search specific then it will pull up results w/o error.

I am having this as well. But only certain users. My sales team can not get in to order lists but my admins can.

@Andy @Ryan @J_Ochs Thanks for letting us know you all were having issues. Can you please try visiting those pages/running those reports again and see if you’re still getting errors?

It seems to be working now. Thanks.

seems resolved. thanks.

Good, thanks

I’m having this same issue right now. How do I fix it.

I am having this same issue on the production order list and sales order list.

@AQUABLAST @gjohnson If it is the same issue the other users were experiencing, then you should both be good to go now. Let us know if you continue having issues.